Terms and conditions of use

Rule 1

Due to the circumstances around covid, we try our best to ensure the safety of our staff and our customers. This means that if a jar has been opened and smoked, or a bag unsealed we will unable to provide a full refund however we can place a credit on your account, as well as exchange your order for one you'd prefer. You will certainly get your moneys worth.  

Rule 2

New customers under our data base are required to send a photo of their ID that matches the location the driver is delivering to. This ensures the safety of our drivers, if you are uncomfortable sending in a drivers license, don't be worried, all we need is the name and address to match, and a face to look for. We do not keep any of your personal information. Once you are in the system we do not ask again.  

Rule 3

We ask that you have exact change, for our drivers often deposit their money throughout the day. If you do need change, please give the office or send us an email how much you will need. If that doesn't give you enough time then you will be issued a credit for the amount overpaid for your next order. 

Welcome to Happy Hour Delivery!

Servicing North GTA and surrounding areas. 

+19 ID required with address matching delivery address

Call or text us at (437)-245-7956 or at happyhourdelivery420@gmail.com