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There is nothing more off putting than placing an order and it arriving 8 hours later, or worse, never. 

We strive to operate in the GTA, and a little outside of it, with the same respect that we would expect ourselves when placing an order. Customer communication is key to us, we want you to get your order as you would expect from any other type of delivery company.

We carry top quality marijuana products and the best selection of our Cannabis Strains, Edibles, Concentrates and Oil refills.We hold our partners to the highest standard when it comes to purchasing product. 

All orders are shipped or delivered in quality cannabis discreet packaging when you order marijuana online or same day weed delivery. And our support team ensures you are updated about your Local Weed Delivery!

Welcome to Happy Hour Delivery!

Servicing North GTA and surrounding areas. 

+19 ID required with address matching delivery address

Call or text us at (437)-245-7956 or at happyhourdelivery420@gmail.com